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Brunch Box by Urban Source Creative Catering

Last weekend I participated in the Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge where I represented The Cheap Girl Canada. We boarded a shuttle to take us to Vaughan Mills and had brunch served by Urban Source Creative Catering. If the popular shuttle bus services (Coach, Greyhound, etc.) provided the same comfort and same food that I experienced that day, I would so totally be traveling via the bus line as often as I can.

So about the food….

Served via a “brunch box” with airplane size portions.  Everything was delish and Urban Source Catering was kind enough to send me the details of menu items (I kinda scarfed everything in about 7 minutes, so I did not take detailed pics…I was hungry and it was GOOD!)

We found a yummy surprise on our seat on the comfy shuttle bus


The brunch menu contents:

Mini Croissant Sandwich
Bosc pear and sliced brie with raspberry butter in mini croissant
Smoked Salmon Crêpe Spirals
smoked salmon rolled with dilled cream cheese in buttermilk crêpe served sliced, topped with caper and fresh dill
‘Piggies’ in Blankets
chicken sausage with Dijon mustard baked in puff pastry blankets
Fresh Fruit Cup
berries and fresh fruit in honeyed fruit juice served in individual cups
Mini Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Fresh Orange Juice

The brunch box topped with a fresh orchid blossom


Everything was delicious and oh-so-good. The quality was there. I also  liked how they portioned the items and provided a little bit of everything (carbs, protein, fruit, etc.). I was satisfied but not stuffed to the brim. The portions are perfect for people who are on a diet. Variety with lot’s of flavour in smaller sizes. I think that the only thing missing was a menu card with the food contents. I wouldn’t want to be a vegan and accidentally bite into the ‘Piggies’ in Blankets.

Yumgasmic Moment

The real star of the show was the Mini Croissant Sandwich filled with Bosc pear, brie and (OMG) rasberry butter. Have you ever heard of rasberry butter? This may have been the secret ingredient. I LOVED how the flavours danced around in my mouth. The taste of the mild and soft cheese combined with the freshness of the pear along with the mystery sweet ingredient was too die for!

Sinful and decadent in the perfect size!

I wish that I had brunch boxes like this everyday to eat for lunch…..

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