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Food Pics: Biff’s Bistro Toronto

Crispy Pig's Ears and Rinds - The pork rinds were quite nice but I preferred it without the paprika. The pig's ears were crunchy but a tad too salty for my palette.


Cream of mushroom soup with tarragon






Flatiron steak with seasonal vegetables and frites - This was ok. The fries were overcooked and the steak was somewhat lacking.



Seafood platter: Oysters, shrimp cocktail, mussels, clams, ceviche and Chef's addition - Very nice platter!



Classic vanilla bean crème brûlée - This was nice and the shortbread cookie was a nice touch.



Profiterôles with Calvados caramel & vanilla ice cream - This was good. I liked this better than the creme brulee.


Biff’s Bistro

4 Front Street East

Toronto, Ontario

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