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Sansotei Ramen Toronto

My friend R suggested that I watch Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy. The movie was terrible but the food left me hungry and craving for ramen. My friend Y suggested Sansotei  Ramen for our girlaloo lunch so T and I decided to check it out beforehand. The place is small, clean and there is a […]

M Thompson Chocolates Toronto

I meant to give these away as a present but T and I had a sudden craving and we ate the whole thing in a span of a few hours. Delicious, soft-melt-in-your-mouth  handmade milk chocolatey goodness by M Thompson Chocolates in Toronto. The chocolate smoothies were not too rich and they did not leave that […]

Milestones Review – Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad

Milestones and bellini go hand in hand. I always order it even though I tell myself (over and over again) that I should branch out and try something different. I have to have the bellini, dammit! If you’ve never been you have to have their bellini at least once. Some people may also argue that […]

Soma Chocolate – Snappy Handmade Almond Crisps

If you are visiting Toronto you MUST go to SOMA. They carry specialty chocolates, cookies, gelato and beverages. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It is definitely one of my favourite dessert places in Toronto. The snappy almond crisps are my favourite. Light with a delicate crunch and subtle almond flavour. Delish! I’ve given SOMA […]

Forget About It – Porcini Mushroom Fettucini

I wish that I documented this meal sooner. The porcini mushroom fettucini was to die for and I did not forget about the experience. 2 words — Velvety Goodness. It was like eating a plate of sensuality. Silky and buttery soft. I could not stop ooohing and mmmmmming out loud. It was that good! I […]

Crab Cakes from Domenic’s Fish Market

A budget 30 minute meal dinner recipe: Crab cakes with chipotle dip served with a simple green salad. Serves 2 Domenic’s Fish Market is located at The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

Pizza Rustica Toronto

This weekend we decided to eat at Pizza Rustica. I was craving for a caesar salad and a friend of mine raved about their salad so I was eager to try it out. I ended up taking pictures of everything except the salad, which was excellent. Crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons, fresh parmesan and delicious dressing. […]

Watermelon and Almond Jam

From Petite Thuet 1 King Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 1A1

Food Pics: Green Mango Thai Cuisine

          Find a Green Mango location near you!

Toronto Catering Companies: Toben Food by Design

Last week I attended the press launch for Snoxin by Indeed Labs that was held at The Richmond in Toronto. The event was catered by Toben Food by Design. Everything that was served was delicious. The potato and braised beef perogies (IMO) stole the show and I was happy that my favourite appy,  the bocconcini-basil-tomato […]

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